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Patent Date Page Number Sept. At the beginning of a new year, both the serial numbers and suffix letters again started over. Read the slide part compatibility guide.

Several experimental versions were later created in. Until the end of that year, which ended at j. Note the tool markings, and finish. This pistol had a very high weight, and recoil spring was difficult, and not reliable. Obviously it's very much a subjective thing because it's worth exactly whatever a collector would pay for it, but what does anyone here think it might be worth?

Browse some of their catalogs here. To ensure that every pistol had a unique serial number, the Germans added a suffix letter. The Germans were afraid that the Allied forces could easily locate the German weapon production sites and bomb them when they knew the manufacturer. Jump Section Wehrmacht-Awards.

  • All of these guns will have a prefix rather than a letter suffix.
  • Note the checkered grips, high-polished finish.
  • Is Walther still making the P.
  • These two do not match, but are both original zero series magazine.

Very few examples are known to exist. Atarian's quick reference magazine guide. My post-war pistol has no date or date code - about when was it manufactured? Wehrmacht-Awards Wehrmacht-Awards. The serial number range is b.

Dating walther pistols

P38 variations

Walther decided that they needed a locking system. Walther pistols and target rifles, Rossi, Astra, bolt action rifles and barreled receivers, and more. Interarms was a long-time importer of products from Walther and many other manufacturers.

So every month started with a higher suffix letter. These will vary in color from a very bright reddish look to a very dark brown, almost looking black. All of these should be military proof marked! Over the long term, will oil cause bakelite grips to deteriorate? That's all I can tell you.

All firearms shown on this website are owned privately and are covered by the required Dutch permits. The slide however continues its rearward movement on the frame, ejecting the spent case and cocking the hammer before reaching the end of travel. The numbered grips were discontinued for expedience in production and interchangable parts.

Walther P38 dating question

Helps to identify which magazine is correct for your pistol. The one on the left has had the serial number scratched out. All of these were manufactured by hand! What does everyone think about changing out the grips and possibly trying to repair the etching, ie, how is absolute dating conducted rebluing?

Atarian's post-war reproduction and aftermarket grip guide. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. She is definetly a late war commercial. This holster is maker marked, and note maker coded. Only major assemblies were acceptance proof marked, such as, frame, slide, barrel, and locking block.

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Most likely done by the Russians who captured it. Spreewerk also used serial numbers with suffix letters and applied to same serial numbering system as Mauser. Also the high polished commercial finish was replaced by a matte military finish. Both he and I didn't know about her specifics until after I bought her. Anyone have any guesses as to the value as is?

How to Identify a Walther P38

Dating walther p1 - Dating site satellite seriously

Your Adventure Awaits

Spreewerke cyq P
  1. However it needed to be simple, cheap, and still reliable.
  2. Australia also outlaws the toy from import for similar reasons.
  3. The backing inside the holster is made of laminated fiberboard.
  4. Like Jurgen said, its not post war.
  5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
  6. Third variation guns are the same as second variation guns but have a military finish instead of high polish.
Walther Models 1-9 Identification Guide

If you do not have working knowledge of the P. The reverse of the zero series holster. The Russian army conquered the factory one month later and around more pistols were produced under Russian control before the factory was dismantled. The Zella-Mehlis plant ceased manufacture when the U.

Walther P38

This shade on this pistol is very nice though, and highly sought after. That's the only reason I was hesitant to just call it a post war gun. Note the Zero series serial number. However this never happened. Post-war parts gun, two guns in.

Even the grips will be serial numbered to match the gun! Rear notch and front blade post. Small arms section of the Handbook on German Military Forces. Thank you for the help - it's nice to have an idea where this originated. What they said, leave her as is.

No longer were all parts proof marked. Third variation guns are in the serial number range and will have rectangular firing pins and an exposed extractor for better function. No, create an account now.

Spreewerke cyq P-38

From this combination it is easy to determine the production date of the pistol. You can see from the pictures that someone named Jim Fry has etched his name and serial number on the slide and grips with a on the other side of the grips. If you wish to link to this page, please link only to the main page, new rules not sub-pages or documents.

WW2 Small Arms Identification Gallery

Slowly over time, West Germany desired to rebuild its military so that it could shoulder some of the burden for its own defense. But at the end of the day I'll probably keep it - I'd just be curious as to how much it is worth and where and when it came from. Cambridge University Press. The serial number will be marked on the left side of the magazine, and should match the gun.

Firearms Index Long arms and pistols are covered in this section. This is a very rare example. Your pistol is pretty rare considering the vast numbers of military accepted P. This saved materials, weight, time, and cost! By the break-a-way holsters were being issued instead.

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Serial numbers began at a, speed dating montreal english and ended with b. Test fire proof on the barrel as well. Very rare varation few known. Just keep her clean and lubed. An attempt to find out starts here.

Also note that this holster has no Police, or military proof markings. Test fire proof on the locking block. In addition to the secret code the last two digits of the year of production were also stamped on the slide. Serial range is scattered from a to a - a. There are several members here that know tons more about the P.

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