Voltage inc dating the devil, 38 best enchanted in the moonlight miyabi images in

Voltage Inc./Romance Sims

My second favourite Voltage guy is the split personality god, Dui. Recommended to people who like the sweet devil type guy who is flirty but manipulative. Unfortunately, his main story in In Your Arms Tonight just fell short of my expectations. His route was interesting to play.

Except for that one weird random scene where he rejects a previous ex in a really cold way and we never hear from that again. With so many bookstores closing in Vancouver, it was just wonderful seeing that physical bookstores are still in fashion in Asia. Shintaro is a guy everyone can get along with.

The pacing is great and the romance is oh so believable. Lots of romantic moments were present in his route. So no practice for me for a while.

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Also, another type I really love are the intelligent yet cold ones. He turned out to be my favorite ore-sama character. Akiyoshi was a bit of a disappointment for me. Seiichirou keeps giving her tips on how to date, goes and constantly reminds her she needs to pick someone already.

Top Voltage Inc. guys

Anyways, Toma is fun and genuine, and definitely a route I recommend to anyone, especially to those that love bickering relationships. Not only that, he kept biting her. Unfortunately, he was not one of the main characters, although he does have a route of his own. Apparently, there are so many things, so many facts in his route that playing it too early will spoil the plot of other routes. But man, was the wait worth it.

He has a big heart, and really likes humans. Oooh and the sadistic types! Before my trip, my mom told me that my makeup skills sucks, so I should go learn how to put makeup on. They spend so much time together and have a lot of scenes. Recommended to people who like strict meganes with a soft spot.

  1. Otherwise, how can they be players?
  2. Rin Yakumo is the best Voltage guy, hands down.
  3. Did you play Star Crossed Myth?
  4. Shiki is a different kind of lack of facial expression type guy.

Email required Address never made public. In fact, they have a very healthy relationship together. They have a similar area near the entrance of the elevator to the observation deck. Oh, I just love stories about taming the players. The switch from the nice Dui to the shadow Dui comes and goes, how to catch spouse on but gets more frequent in the story.

Taiwan produces a lot of fruit, you so can see a lot of fruit related food items all around the city. But it was some darned good Taiwanese stewed pork on rice. But his story was very touching not only on how much him and the mc love each other, but also how his background played into his personality.

Akuma to Koi Suru 10 Kakan

They act like allies in love, each supporting the other. Yes, she would eventually fall in love with him, but not exactly because he put a lot of efforts in it. He will constantly poke fun at you, and sometimes you will retaliate. He can be sweet, adorable, and kind of funny. So now that I have some time on my hands, I figured, I better get this post finished.

Another exception is when the guy is too feminine. Of course, sometimes, asian they are one of the main characters too. Thank you so much for this!

38 Best Enchanted in the moonlight Miyabi images in

But he loves her, no doubt. He knew that she was poisoning him, but did nothing to avoid it. The way you described the redhead shiba from chou no doku hana no kusari, I fell in love with him too.

Also known as Alba

10 Days with My Devil

Except my heart was subsequently stolen way by Huedhaut. Again, I know exactly how you feel. Meet Rin, a pastry chef working at a bakery and makes delicious cakes. Nobody has a last name Oh in Hong Kong.

Top Voltage Inc. guys

Please play him when you get the chance! She finds another man to fall in love with. Liam is a harmless puppy, albeit a quiet one. Hopefully this would help with my makeup skills later.

Recommended to people who want to feel safe and pampered. But first place belongs to Kyohei! But I think the plot line will probably turned out into that type of cliche type of story.

Voltage inc Moonlight Enchanted

The night view was quite amazing. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! That just totally baffles me. The first time when he met the mc again after all those years, he asked her to go to a hotel room with him. People rarely wear QiPao in Hong Kong.

Voltage Inc./Romance Sims

  • Only with the main guy I guess.
  • Papaya Milk Drink from City Milk Taiwan produces a lot of fruit, you so can see a lot of fruit related food items all around the city.
  • Lots of sweet moments together.
  • The guys would probably need to eat a couple of bowls of that to get full though.

Genji is another ore-sama that I though I just had to play when I first saw him. Taiwan is a place very much prone to typhoon and earthquakes, so the building needs to be able to withstand these natural disasters. Turns out, he loves her, but he also has a tendency of wanting to see her cry. Even though I loved Yamato in My Forged Wedding, I thought his route was only ok, and it was weird seeing him not be the alpha male!

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