Is lil wayne still dating christina milian, christina milian and lil wayne s do it video released - mtv

Christina Milian Reveals Reason for Lil Wayne Split

If u think he ugly then do who u think cute? Now I must go to that song. It would take so much and and that I would be a crackhead as a result so it wouldnt even be worth it. Fingertips on the small of my back. Lmao nigga said genetic accident he is one ugly ass nigga.

Lil Wayne Confirms Relationship With Christina Milian

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So it's acceptable now for men to wear womens clothing? Nigga J Lo is a million times badder than Trina. It's time to reinvent the wheel. Yall ever be mad you tickled bout something?

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  • Wayne bringing up the front and the rear.
  • Off with their head Mama Dee voice.
  • He playing the song for twist like he would tell him if it was wack or not Fucking get these yes man away from Wayne.
  • She was single during her entire marriage to Dream.
  • Ghost is a fool and a half.

Enter your e-mail address above to get Lil Wayne updates sent to you via e-mail. Man, Christina musta been black balled in the industry after phucking Dream. Just trying to open you up to some real monsters.

Damn Wayne gets everyone in his bed. Lil twist is such a bitch laughing at everything wayne says When is someone gonna set this piece of shit on fire? Lil Wayne is for sure chopping her down. My homegirl is dating a dude she met thru my other homegirl right now. Obviously dating producers hasn't helped.

This gremlin must have some great and cause he ugly as phuck But get some bad bytches. That's odd because Christina normally prefers to date music producers who can further her career. Even with loose friendships, I wouldn't date their ex. None of them was think except the nigga that was off'd I don't like La La in real life or any thing she does.

Basketball Wives Star Evelyn Lozada Comes for OG s Boyfriend

Now she tryin to be any ol niggas jump off for a pay day. Yeah, dating I'm cawky like that. Nivea gone head and get her name on you. You know im already thinking bout what Im gone say. Probably right before he got the chick from my city preggo.

1. They started dating in 2011

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Created by Daniel Mousdell Powered by Wordpress. She couldn't even get mentioned as a back up singer after that. Too many men out here to be fxing the same dudes over and over. Not Toya or Nivea neither. Well they had a baby and everything.

The friend who introduced our other friend to her guy doesn't give a rats ass really. Whole thing is a hot mess. If a martian smashed a raccoon, the offspring would look like Lil Wayne. That is what I said on last week when this came up.

Lil Wayne & Christina Milian Are Still Collaborating Post-Breakup

They were that close and asked a bunch of bullshit! They might as well join households and become sisterwives. Mayne whas wrong with her hair?

But managed to irritate me. Like she did me I suppose. Why you think everyone laughrd after he responded. Dude u stupid u make no sense. She a Pisces so she prolly really don't give a fugg.

Christina Milian Really Thought She Might Marry Lil Wayne - MTV

Christina Milian Reveals Reason for Lil Wayne Split

Hmmmm, guy started lets see how this plays out. Ive dealt with ugly broke dudes before but this is another level of ug-mug. Its just piled on top her head.

What is wrong with his head? Its not a lie bro bro its the one from freakjasp on yt.

Christina Milian And Lil Wayne s Do It Video Released - MTV

They might as well just get together and decide togther on their next man so they can all live together. In the back of my mind though, there's always that thought that she has always tried to be me. Download Lil Wayne's Latest Tape.

Only she didnt know it sadly. So a difference can be seen there too. Everybody is grown and know about the situation. Hits close to home and That is not going to be easy at all! Like your precious, precious, precious, precious dark skin toneeeee.

Christina has on that watch Smurfette's interested in. Has Christina ever been single that we know of? Just gone head and get Nivea tatted on you someplace Christina.

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She made lots o sense and I felt bad for her once she got confirmation that her husband is creeping and by the look on her face once Shawn said her name she knew exactly who Angela is. Uwan you iBraws done tahday? And its actually at this kickball game. Got these tricks going koo-koo for his krunchy pop.

Lil Wayne & Christina Milian Are Still Collaborating Post-Breakup

None of them was think except the nigga that was off'd. His brother is just as fine chile. Lmao what kind of pussy do you eat, all kinds. Why you be lying like that bruh. Got her writing books on how to love a martian and errythang.

  1. Fingertips on the small of my back More valuable than alllllll, alll I own.
  2. Maybe she's changing things up.
  3. And she look old as heck in pic one.

Even Em will kill that nigga lyrically. Buy Lil Wayne's Newest Album. Just tell me the ages of the chirren and I wont ask no mo? These niggas don't play in the industry huh? Christina, Nivea's career hasn't taken off like she had expected.

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