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It probably was more than that. It is hard to tell the condition of the table. For example, screws were rarely used in furniture before and the circular saw did not exist until after that date. The elaborately inlaid or veneered tops were all made of lumber core plywood, without the furniture construction standard of the day.

Fine Burr Walnut Dressing Table. The selling price of these types of table is based on demand. Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question.

This has been a boon to modern collectors, giving them the start of a trail of clues to establish age and origin of older furniture. One such example is the firm of Flint and Horner. Determining the Value of Vintage Dunlap Mowers. The company was strictly a retailer. This is one of the larger tables.

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Before the company closed its doors, they sold so many different style tables for homes. This company uses to produce these types of tables in mass production when they were in business. However, the tables look in good condition and you should clean them up some and enjoy them in your home. Did you find anything to identify it?

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How to decipher vintage furniture labels

The book was updated with regular additions and was offered free of charge to any retail furniture establishment that sold Mersman products. There are drawers on the bottom and they have what look like leather tops. Add to Guide Ask a Question.

How to decipher vintage furniture labels

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The legs were put on by dowels. In fact, some items can be dated by the address on the label, since his shops constantly expanded and the streets were renamed. Full of age, character and charm. Will check the markings when I get it. Having a lovely figured walnut top with carved edge.

Value of Mersman Side Tables

This table seems shorter than other library tables I have come across. For use as either a writing table or a dressing table, this item has a wonderful walnut colour and patina. Look at the hardware used in the furniture. It has been painted but was wondering if anyone could tell me about the stamp and what year it could be. Use a chart such as Biddington's to look up the number you find to see if it corresponds with a year.

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Gum was readily available, reasonably priced and easily disguised as almost any other wood. Victorian Walnut Dressing Table Chest. Because Mersman made millions of them.

Other company names, however, were less straightforward. He relocated his operations across the state line to Ottoville, Ohio, where he started making tables around under the name Mersman Tables when the lumber business turned soft. Flint was a midth-century cabinetmaker whose business was acquired by R. Sadly, altering a piece usually lowers the value to a true collector.

Value of Mersman Side Tables

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Update on dating Antique American Furniture Pre industrial age and other colonial items. Mersman turned the business over to his two oldest sons, Edward and Walter, and their partner, banker Henry Lenartz, then headed for Arkansas to start up another sawmill operation. This is one of the better articles written about the history of Mersman. Any antiques shop that has more than three pieces of Colonial Revival furniture is almost certain to have a Mersman table somewhere in the joint.

Antique French wash stand with marble top and mirror above. Educate yourself about the historical periods of furniture-making using a history book with plenty of pictures. Ad Any information you can give would be great. This table was made in the mid-twentieth century. Determining the Value of Vintage Furniture.

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  1. It consisted of five layers of wood, cross-banded to prevent warping.
  2. Burr Walnut Dressing Table C.
  3. This wonderful shaped burr walnut dressing table has a shaped triple bevelled edge mirror.
  4. Sometimes the only label found in a piece is that of a trade association or guild.
  5. What does the stamped number refer to on the desk.
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  • Without proper labeling, it was easy to confuse the consumer.
  • Ordinarily subject to extreme warping and twisting during curing, gum had gained prominence only after new kiln drying techniques were developed early in the century.
  • This type of table is common and sold frequently on eBay and other auction houses.
  • Value of a Vintage Wooden Bed Frame.

What Do Stamped Numbers Mean On Antique Furniture I Have

Michael Armson Antiques Ltd. Look at your piece and the one in the pix to see if you agree. Thank you for any information you can offer. This new tool for coloring wood produced some very confusing results.

Mersman Antiques

Phyfe was one of the rare early century cabinetmakers who actually used paper labels and tags to identify some of his work. It is a Mersman with the number on the underside. An Edwardian period side table with five oak lined drawers all retaining their original brass handles. It included not only ideas from the company but also examples of techniques that had worked for other merchants in different areas of the country. Antique French Washstand Dressing Table c.

From there, dating culture in he went on to make beds and bed parts. When is it ok to refinish antique furniture? Art Deco Dressing Table France c. Is it one of many or more rare?

So many people had these in their home at the time. To the uninformed, could this be the name of a retail furniture store rather than a maker? Sussex Antiques and Interiors. Have six legged round table.

Joe Rosson Mersman surfboard table made in late 20th century

If not too many people want this model of a table the selling price is lower. How would I find a value for them, either to insure or sell? Superb Burr Walnut Dressing Table c. They are in excellent condition. Hope that helps, keep in mind that these are only educated guesses.

Unfortunately, that means that these types of tables did not retain or increase in value over the years. Ask a Question Here are the questions asked by community members. Offered for sale is this antique limed oak dressing table. We are very pleased to offer this excellent Queen Anne dressing table with stool. Not bad coming from a company that started out as a sawmill.

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